Friday, August 26, 2011

Gluten Free Birthday!

In two short weeks, it will be the Bug's birthday!  Like any good preschool mom, I've been brainstorming what birthday treats to share with her class.

A year ago, I made cupcakes.  This is still an option I guess, but the Bug isn't gluten free yet our house is.  So it seems silly to waste expensive GF flours on twenty cupcakes for kids that could eat the alternative.  Add to that a classmate with an egg allergy, and it gets even more complicated.

Fortunately, a trip to a local theme park gave me an idea...  Marshmallow pops!  Kind of a peep on a stick. Plus, the Bug can help me dip and decorate, which she LOVES.

They are GF, easy, and a big hit with all.

Marshmallow Pops:

GF Marshmallows (we used Campfire)
Wilton Candy Melts (GF per a call to the company)
GF decorating crystals or jimmies

Melt candy melts according to directions.  Dip sticks into the coating and then into the marshmallows.  Coat marshmallow one at a time and sprinkle with sugar (this was the Bug's job).  Set out on parchment paper to dry.  Wrap with cellophane and deliver to happy classmates!

Smore's Variation...  Half dip marshmallow in chocolate melts then dip in honey nut chex pieces or GF graham crumbles.

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