Monday, October 3, 2011


This last week had me trying to find a gluten free solution to lunch time.  Feeding The Bee gluten-freely is pretty easy.  I mean she could happily eat some combo of applesauce, waffles, grapes, carrot "coins," yogurt, and grilled cheese for every meal.  I'm the problem.  I found out last week that I need to be off gluten as well.  Sadly I'm not as easily impressed.

I need a quick easy lunch, and what fits the bill better than pizza?  I kind of hated the grocery store GF crusts I tried while nursing The Bee and being on the diet.  I decided to take matters into my old hands.

Thin Crust:
It occurred to me that the goldfish recipe could be tweaked to make an easy to roll thin crust.  That was my first attempt.  Basically the role of cheddar was played by parmesan (and I used half as much: 1/2 cup).  I rolled it all out into a big round disc, baked, topped, baked a few minutes more and devoured.  Delish!!!!

Deep Dish:
The next day, I made the brazilian cheese rolls below but with mozzarella and decided to pour the extra dough into a greased raised sided pan and bake.  I then topped the deep dish pie with red sauce, parmesan (since plenty of mozz was already involved), herbs, and pepperoni.  I broiled it until the pepperoni crisped.  Again, amazing!

Quiche Crust:
Finally, I needed to make a quiche for a friend.  Again, I tweaked the goldfish recipe.  Instead of cheese, I used shredded potato (Simply Potato brand).  I rolled it into one circle big enough to fit a 9 inch pie pan.  I pierced the dough and baked it for 10 minutes until it started to brown.  After it cooled, I filled it with quiche lorraine goodness and baked it again.  PERFECT!!!!

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